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Enrichment classes that spark enthusiasm about math and build perseverance

Students play strategy games with peers 

We facilitate fascinating sessions in-person and online that stimulate students' thinking as they collaborate or compete against peers in strategy games featuring mathematical content. While playing the games, students gain deeper understanding of mathematical concepts.

children learn math as they play strategy games
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Our strategy is to play together! Our small groups meet with a highly experienced facilitator who leads the group through interactive games. 
Our games are simple to understand, fun to play, and mentally stimulating. 
To benefit from the program, students are encouraged to plan a strategy to help them win a game.
By interacting with peers, students collaborate with and compete against each other. 
Parents are invited, too!

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Our games are challenging enough to make our students THINK. In order to win a game, students discuss possible moves and decide their strategy as a team. Each participant contributes by sharing their thinking and responding to peers’ ideas.


Learning Goals:

  • Develop strategic thinking.

  • Identify visual and numerical patterns.

  • Recognize symmetric relationships.

  • Recognize and use structure to explain mathematical reasoning.

  • Understand and use geometric constraints.

  • Study patterns and form hypotheses.

  • Make and test conjectures.

  • Use deductive reasoning.

  • Solve complex problems based on simpler ones.

  • Develop record-keeping skills.

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