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Parent and Child Learning Together

Math enrichment classes

Connect with your child by participating together in a collaborative meaningful learning experience.

Parent and their child connect with other families in joyful learning activities.

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Give your child a precious gift - your time

Parents collaborate with their child and support them in hands-on activities in math and logical reasoning. 

Students develop both math understanding and crucial 21st century skills: critical thinking, collaboration, communication, perseverance and growth mindset.


Families work together as a team.


A facilitator guides the group by assigning stimulating activities and leading meaningful conversations. 

Parent Testimonials

"This lesson is a gift for the family! An hour of challenging activities we face together. I get to know my son from a whole new perspective."

"It’s a quality time together, I appreciate my participation. I enjoy the math. We continue our conversations after the lesson is over."

"The lessons connect between us, we learn how to collaborate."

"Me and my son learn to work as a team."

"It’s nice to spend time with my daughter during the lesson. This is an opportunity to learn about her ways of thinking."

"I enjoy taking a break from my everyday routine to experience my daughter in a completely different way."

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