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Curious Discoveries

Design and build like an engineer, experiment like a scientist, think like a mathematician.

How many faces does this 3D shape have?

Learn about symmetry as you make a paper airplane and  forces such as Lift and Thrust.


What do bees have to do with hexagons?

Can you make paperclips attract each other like magnets do?

Magnetizing paperclips.jpg

How does the shape of the fins affect the flight path of a paper rocket?


Which of these regular polygons can be used to tile your floor?

מצולעים משוכללים קיסריה על שולחן עם החוברת.jpg

Can you design your own calculator using Excel?

Digital Calculator

Students participate in hands-on interactive learning experiences such as simulations, experiments, model building and explorations. This program uses real world situations - at home and beyond - to discover and explain different phenomena. Students measure, observe patterns, build models, organize data, convert, draw conclusions, and generalize. 

Student Workbook

workbook cover discoveries grade 4 English.jpg

Caesarea News January 2022

חדשות קיסריה ינואר 2022 מלא.jpg
ינואר 2022 עמוד 2.jpeg
ינואר 2022 עמוד 3.jpeg
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