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Children's courses

Curious Discoveries

Enrichment Program - discovering the math around us

What makes this 3D shape so special?

How can you develop your own calculator using Excel?

Digital Calculator

Which of these regular polygons can be used to tile your home floor?

What do bees have to do with hexagons?

מצולעים משוכללים קיסריה על שולחן עם החוברת.jpg

Children should be given the opportunity to appreciate the beauty of math before they go to college.

Students participate in hands-on interactive learning experiences such as simulations, experiments, model building and explorations. This program uses real world situations and utilizes the math around us - at home and beyond - to discover and explain different phenomena. Students measure, observe patterns, build simple models, organize data, convert, draw conclusions, and generalize. The topics of the lessons vary based on students’ level and age group. 

Student Workbook

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Caesarea News January 2022

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