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Grades: 3-12

Description: Collaborate with your team to build a catapult and launch a projectile the farthest! Learn about potential and kinetic energy. Discuss the role of the rubber band in launching. Consider the importance of building a solid foundation for your catapult. Decide which shape is more stable for your catapult.


Contact Minutes: 60+

Materials for a group of 24:

  • 200 popsicle sticks
  • 12 rubber bands
  • 10 plastic cups
  • 6 tapes (the type that can be easily ripped with hands)
  • Scissors (for each team)
  • Poker chips (one for each team)

Session name: Catapults!

$320.00 Regular Price
$288.00Sale Price
  • MA.K12.MTR.1.1 Actively participate in effortful learning both individually and collectively.

    SC.35.CS-CS.1.2 Describe how models and simulations can be used to solve real-world issues in science and engineering.

    SC.68.CS-CS.2.2 Solve real-life issues in science and engineering.

    SC.912.CS-CS.1.1 Analyze data and identify real-world patterns through modeling and simulation.

    ELA.K12.EE.4.1 Use appropriate collaborative techniques and active listening skills when engaging in discussions in a variety of situations.

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